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  • Precision ball lock punches play an important role in many fields, but the specific role may vary depending on the application field.


  • Precision punches and dies play a vital role in mold manufacturing and stamping processes, and they are closely related and influence each other.


  • Usually in the industry, the machining process specification is one of the process documents that specifies the machining process and operating methods of parts. It is a process document that, under specific production conditions, writes reasonable process and operating methods in the prescribed form, which is approved and used to guide production. With technological innovation, experienced machining manufacturers have summarized the following common tips for everyone:


  • 1. Excellent hardness performance Carbide dies are favored for their excellent hardness. This high hardness not only enables them to withstand extremely high pressure and friction, thereby ensuring the life and performance stability of the mold during long-term use.


  • In today's fast-paced world, precision machining has become an essential process across various industries. Precision machining is the process of creating highly accurate and intricate parts and components using advanced machinery and software. These parts are used in industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, automotive, and electronics, among others.


  • 1. The help of the aviation industry Core engine components: In the manufacturing of aviation engines, CNC machine tools play a key role.


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