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Quality Matters Much

Deeply know that quality is the life of our factory, we have been always keeping in mind that quality is essential to customers' development and ours. To keep consistent good quality is the key to bridge us and customers.

Competitive Price Makes Us More Active in The Markets

So far, the company has possessed 25 related patented technologies, 13 national new products, and 12 national technological innovation projects.

Fast Delivery Strengthens Us

Time is money. Punctual and fast delivery is also an important factor to support customers competitive in the markets. 3-7 working days is our general lead time while for urgent cases, we can finish within 1-3days and no extra cost is needed!

Best Customer Service

timely and professional reply to customer is our responsibility. Send us your questions and inquires, and you will get a prompt reply. Stop wasting time waiting!

Good Guarantee

We promise to send quality items to customers, in case of failure, fast free replacement will offer or refund. With us, your business is safe. Free of worries working with us!

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Dongguan Luckyear Precision Mold Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City. The owner of Luckyear Mr. Kwok engaged in die and mold parts manufacturing since 2005 in a joint venture factory. After years of production experience, he gained full knowledge of die and mold parts manufacturing. In 2015, he made a big decision to establish his own company. Then Luckyear started. At the beginning, Luckyear precision focus on producing standard mold parts and plastic mold parts. Thanks to the support and trust from all our valued customers all around the world, except variety of press die mold components (standard die parts), plastic mold parts (standard mold parts), we have enlarged our production line to the parts including but not limit to different machined parts, CNC parts, Auto parts, plates and blocks etc.

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